Best Anti-Phishing Software

How does it work?

Anti-Phishing software databases are updated regularly as users computers receive data about new phishing threats, on average, every 20 minutes.

They also compare URLs against a database containing known phishing sites. If a match is found, connection to the infected URL is disconnected and a warning message from your AV suite will be displayed to warn you about the threat.

What to do if i am targeted because i didn't buy Antivirus Software?

  • Change all of your passwords to a complex password. To your bank, your antivirus provider, social media and email and more importantly the password to your PC. write these passwords down with a pad and pen so the hacker cannot access them. A good password example: GcdLkQwZjMR55MkW - write something similar down or create a phrase using the first letter of a word.

  • Run a full system scan for other viruses on your PC

  • Contact your bank to report that there has been fraud performed on your account and they temporarily lock or cancel your card/s.

  • File a complaint with the appropriate anti-fraud burea:             

    USA: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

    Canada: Canadian Anti Fraud Centre

    UK: National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre



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