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Malwarebytes is predominately an anti-malware tool not an antivirus package that was first released to the market in 2006. Most people use this tool for scanning their PC for anything malicious and because it’s free it’s a very popular tool.

  • Features - 3
  • Value for money - 3
  • Support - 5
  • Ease of use - 3


As mentioned above, it is a free tool but you can upgrade from the free version to their paid solution (only available for PC) which adds scan scheduling, real-time protection and flash memory scanning into the mix. It’s £34.99 per year, quite a lot we think, for the amount of features you get. You could opt for a full antivirus package for similar money.

Product Reliability

Product Reliability

It’s probably the best anti-malware tool out there. The company only concentrates on this feature and so have more time to master it. Whereas when other companies integrate additional features like browser cleaners, password managers etc. it gives them more to develop and less time to concentrate on anti-malware.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Malwarebyte’s support centre has vast amount of FAQs, plenty of user guides in the form of documents and videos and also a ticketing system. They don’t seem to offer phone or chat support, maybe due to the software being so simple? All you need to do is press scan...

Product Features

Product Features

Again, features are very limited but it’s not a full package, it’s just an anti-malware tool. Saying that it does combat all sorts of malicious software from spyware to rogue security software and if you opt for the free version then you can’t really go wrong!

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John Hudson - 12/14/2018

The Free version of MalwareBytes does NOT offer ROOTKITS scans, as listed on this review page, unless the CUSTOM SCAN is chosen & appropriate blocks checked. It does NOT matter that the Protections Tab says that Rootkits is "checked" to be scanned... it will Not Happen. In fact, my free version doesn't work at All now except on Custom Scan mode (and yes, it is fully 'updated' with the latest FREE version definitions, but refuses to do even the Monthly* 'Normal' scan...). I have tried working with Support but for some reason I just can't seem to explain things so they understand what I mean. I would still recommend the AV (even the free version) but they seem to have turned Mine 'OFF'.

Johanna R - 12/08/2018

It seemed to work great, no problem

Larry Nazimek - 11/28/2018

I had the free version, but it did not stop malware; it only took it off after I did a scan, which would last quite a few minutes. There were times when I tried to do the scan while working, when the computer was running poorly, but it said there was no malware; after I stopped what I was working on and did a scan, it finally detected the malware. Since I was getting malware very frequently on my laptop, I decided to upgrade to premium, but it still did not stop the malware. About the only difference is that it would start a scan when I would turn on the computer.

C M - 11/25/2018

I paid for your premium but you keep telling me when logging on that it has expired and I need to buy it. You charged me what was it for???????

Astrid Tholens - 11/19/2018

Dear Sir...I cancelled this Malwarebytes Premium when my computer crashed and I ahd to restore it again...I puchased a AVG program soon after...Please cancel my subscription, and reimburse me for the $59.99 that I ahve been charged...It's still on pending in my account...I don't know my ID...but my emaila ddress is astridtholens@gmail.com....URGENT....Kind regards, Astrid Tholens

Marlies - 11/16/2018

This is the second time in a year that Malwarebytes has shut down its protection. I have a 2 year subscription and after one year it was inactivated and I had to call the company. Now the same thing again after 6 more months. Once it runs out I will not renew. I am very dissatisfied.

tom jelen - 02/23/2018

purchased your software and NOW it stopped working WTF? you people selling

Ann A - 02/17/2018

This was always free and now it costs too much and only covers one computer. I have a desktop and a laptop so even at 25% off it would cost me double to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leroy Cameron - 01/24/2018

I bought your program back in Nov 2016 for 2 years, I only received one full year of service how do i get my second year

George D - 01/21/2018

I tried their free trial. Since it expired It comes up every time I start my system. It will not delete. What an obnoxious thing to do someone. I would not buy it if they were the last company on the planet. Every day I tell someone what a rip off they are. I hope they read this. No wonder they are not No.1. Jackoffs.

Ishida - 01/08/2018

I've had the free version for years, always trusted Malwarebytes to clean my laptop. Decided to try TotalAV just to compare and that was a joke. There is nothing free but the scan itself, if you want anything resolved you 'll have to pay for it. No thanks. I'll keep my Malwarebytes.

hugoboss - 01/05/2018

This program sucks big time when I upgraded to new version the old version worked good. I installed Total AV and it finds problems with my PC but when I go to resolved it redirects me to a pay web page and they forced you to buy it So its not really free at all just downloading is free.

M Orchard - 01/05/2018

Since paying for my original free MalwareBytes I keep getting the message that real time protection is off and it will not stay on when I try to rectify it. Not impressed

Al Harfert - 01/02/2018

I bought the premium and can't open it.... don't know if I downloaded correctly and don't have any info on tech support to help me

Linda - 12/27/2017

I used this site for a couple and it was great. Then I was told I needed to update. Since then it is useless...displays all my APPs as PuPs, slowed my speed, etc., etc..(see comments below) Worse thing is that I lost my password book when I changed state locations seven months ago. I have tried every password I can remember for any site but this site still does not allow me access. Did I ever sign off? No. How do I remove this doggone thing?


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