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Most Popular Antivirus 2019. Removes all Viruses, Malware, Spyware, & Adware.
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Fantastic Windows antivirus. Quick setup and simple to use. High protection level.
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Lots of products to choose from. Not the easiest antivirus to use.
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Norton are a trusted brand and been in antivirus for many years.
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Protects Againest All Malware, Viruses & Adware. Includes Free Cleaner & Optimizer.
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Well known trusted brand, AVG are reliable and relatively easy to use.
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Mcafee is good quality Antivirus software, slightly expensive.
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Well renowned antivirus company, Avast have great customer support.
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Solid antivirus offering from Avira, reasonably priced.
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Good engine, Quite expensive considering the amount of features.
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Malwarebytes are predominately an anti-malware therefore slightly limited.
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Pricey but good solid antivirus. Very good customer support.
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Middle of the road antivirus, not overly expensive but not feature packed.
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Standard antivirus with basic features.
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Low priced av suite, offering decent features for low price.
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Solid antivirus provider famed for being available in a number of different languages.
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360 Total Security install advertising to help keep price low.
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What to consider when choosing your Antivirus provider

There are many things to consider when choosing your antivirus provider. We have compiled a number of fact filled articles detailed around the antivirus to help you make the right decision. Stay up to date with all the latest Antivirus news.

We have spent hundreds of hours testing and reviewing the companies on our site and come up, what we believe is the best antivirus software 2019. TotalAV is our choice. It’s a new security suite that hit the market in 2019 and has impressed us in every aspect, from support to scan times and performance.

Performance. Their scans were thorough and quick, we tested the removal of all thousand of threats that the likes of McAfee and Norton removed effectively and Total AV removed them all. We are confident that Total AV has performance and quality that matches the leading names in the business.

Support. TotalAV offer live chat with average connection times of under a minute, which is incredible! There’s no lengthy capture forms and the support representatives really know how to talk to their customers! Their FAQs and knowledge base sections are second to none, you really feel like you’re on a site that has been around for 20+ years and for a company to manage this in less than 6 months, I would love to know they’ll have achieved in a year.

To top if off Total AV have a unique way of managing additional features.  Most suites will include a lot of bonus tools that you will never use but you’re effectively forced to pay for them as they are included in the basic protection packages. These kind of features (password managers, cloud backup etc.) are added in to make the software look better value for money than it actually is and so you may initially think “Wow! That’s such a good deal” when in reality you won’t use them.

So how do Total AV manage their plans? To kick things off there is only one plan to choose from (most companies will offer 2 or 3 and again will just add in more features that are useless for people looking for a security suite and increase the cost) making it much more simple for you. You can then tailor your plan to exactly how you’d like with Total AV’s additional features.  They have listened to their target market and therefore don’t include gimmicky tools in their protection plan, only tools that are worth having i.e. real-time protection, cross platform and multiple device support (3 devices as standard), a firewall and a system booster.  You then decide if you want to pay extra for tools that you may or may not need!

Overall, TotalAV may be new to the market but it has matched and in some areas outshone and outperformed industry leading software that has been around for many years thats why they are our best antivirus software. The way they deal with their additional features is truly amazing and so we urge you to give them a go, you won’t regret it!


When choosing antivirus its important to choose one which suits your own particlar needs! There’s hundreds to choose from and can all vary massively. So where do you start?

First of all you want to understand what type of computer user you are. Do you bank online? Download files from unverified sources? Are you a Windows or Mac user? Do you use your mobile for browsing the internet? All of these factors need to be considered when searching for the best antivirus.

All antivirus providers will come with a protection plan and a firewall of some sort. This will be the main feature of the software and will allow for scanning, removing and quarantining threats on your device. So if this comes on all security suites, how do you know which one to get? Well, you need to look out for a feature called ‘Real-time protection’ (RTP). This allows the software to run in the background and constantly monitor your device. Why is this necessary? Without RTP, threats could easily attack your machine without you or your antivirus knowing, so if the software isn’t constantly running it will have no idea about the system changes you could be making to the device, and therefore will allow you to install a malicious threat on your PC. Until an auto/manual scan has been run the antivirus won’t be aware of the virus attack and by this time could be well too late!

Extra features like internet browser protection, multiple device support, cross platform support (PC, tablet, mobile etc.) and system boosters are other popular and very handy tools. These can be vital for some users, especially with the massive rise in mobile device use, mobile protection has never been so important. This should help make you choose the best antivirus software.

Another massive point to consider is support. If the company you choose cannot provide quality support then you could run into serious issues from the word go. You ideally need 24/7 support in the form of live chat, email and phone, so if you were to encounter an issue you know that a support representative is only a phone call away.


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