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Awesome Antivirus, Protects Againest All Types of Malware. Many Cool Features.
Plenty of features to choose from, well known and trusted brand. Can be slow.
Fantastic value for money! Very slick setup and easy to use.
Well known brand, good quality software, slightly expensive.
Solid product, predominately an anti-malware tool therefore slightly limited.
Pricey but good solid antivirus. Very good customer support.
Good engine, Quite expensive considering the amount of features.
Well known trusted brand that's reliable and relatively easy to use.
Lots of products to choose from. Not the easiest antivirus to use.

What to consider when choosing your Antivirus provider

There are many things to consider when choosing your antivirus provider. We have compiled a number of fact filled articles detailed around the antivirus to help you make the right decision. Stay up to date with all the latest Antivirus news.

With the growth of the online world, more and more people are trying to get to your data for a number of reasons. That could be steal your information, commit fraud against you, or hold you to ransom. Going into the online world unprotected is a risk you don't want to take.

So why do I need virus protection? What exactly is at risk?

Well the short answer is, everything. Viruses can get into your system as innocenct looking files, and render it useless. All those photos from your latest holiday? Gone. All those music files you've backed up, gone.

How about somone getting access to all your personal information? Passwords, card numbers, bank details? These are the threats you open yourself up to, by going online without the correct protection in place.

An Anti Virus solution should be able to cover you against all eventuality, not just provide one avenue of protection. We have found none better at this than Scanguard. Scanguard provides you a full service against not just viruses, but other online threats, all in one place. Also giving unrivalled real time protection to stop threats at their source.

Offering a free download to scan for problems, Scanguard is something you simply have to try. If you are currently using a system, you can still download to see how it compares to your current solution.

Protect yourself online with a virus protection solution you can trust.

We hate to break it to you, but not everybody uses the internet for good causes. Internet banking bought about the introduction of online bank fraud, for example. E-mail and telephone hacking have been some of the biggest scandals in recent years. Before any of this, was the computer virus - blighting generations of computer users to varying degrees.

Virus protection is a vital weapon in any computer user's arsenal, protecting and shielding the user from malicious entites online - saving the user thousands of dollars in some cases. Computer viruses exist in many different forms - some intended to annoy computer users (like pre-historic trolling, if you will) and others build to cause maximum harm. Without protection, these viruses can infect your computer without realizing, and it can be too late before you know it.

'I'm not stupid enough to contract a computer virus' you may be thinking to yourself - chances are you could be right, but is it even worth the risk these days? Computer viruses are no longer only a problem for chat-room habitants or mass-downloaders - downloading the wrong piece of software, clicking the wrong link, or even opening the wrong email can lead to a virus installing itself on your machine, and making it very difficult for you to remove. 

Virus protection comes in many different forms - you may have heard of the terms 'firewall' and 'anti-virus' before, both methods of protecting yourself from harmful programs. Although these services do different jobs, the main aim is the same - virus protection. By making it more difficult for malicious programs to install themselves on your machine, virus protection services are your first line of defense against evil online entities.