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What to consider when choosing your Antivirus provider

There are many things to consider when choosing your antivirus provider. We have compiled a number of fact filled articles detailed around the antivirus to help you make the right decision. Stay up to date with all the latest Antivirus news.

Free antivirus software is very popular - some packages simply offer enough protection for the average user without having to part with any of your hard-earned cash. However, what defines an average user? The short answer is that we can’t define an average user and always believe safety should always come first. So, is a free antivirus for your Mac sufficient or should you contemplate upgrading to a paid version?

There are a lot of drawbacks with free AV software from display ads and pop-ups to limited features and reduced performance, so why would anyone choose to put up with this? The main drawback to upgrading is of course, cost. Some people don’t spend enough time on their PC to justify spending money on software that they can get for free.

Free software packages often lack additional features that can prevent viruses, such as advanced financial protection, spam filters, firewalls and browser protection. Not only that they can become obtrusive on your system with reminders/pop-ups of upgrading to a paid version.

Free anti-virus software equates significant cost savings, which is appealing to cost-conscious costumers. Avast and AVG offer free acceptable protection at no cost at all.

The choice between free and paid anti-virus software comes down to the user’s activities.  If you tend to use your computer to play offline games like solitaire, to create documents and have limited internet access then a free anti-virus will probably suffice. On the other hand, if you are a heavy online user that accesses internet banking and social media sites everyday, a free version will not cut it.

Using a free antivirus on a mac in theory should be adequate enough but with the rise in popularity of Macs the market for attacks is widening by the day.  The bigger the market, the more chance virus developers will exploit this as an opportunity to make some money.  Windows is also more secure than ever before with it’s Windows 10 release. This could also cause virus writers to move away from Windows and to start focusing their time on attacking Macs much more.

Macs are known to be very secure due to their Unix-based operating system and their integrated Gatekeeper software but they aren’t completely safe. Some of the worst viruses in history have effected Apples operating systems.

It definitely comes down to the consumer’s choice of actions on their Mac, if you are going to be processing images and videos, playing games and tinkering around with iTunes (with minimal internet access) a free antivirus could suffice.  However, if you’re accessing the internet frequently every day, processing online payments or logging into your internet banking, a paid version will definitely be necessary. Why? Paid versions don’t just include basic scanning and quarantining but also browser protection, financial security software, advanced firewalls and often anti-spam tools. These all help to prevent hackers from accessing your personal and private data.

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