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AVG, famously known for their free antivirus solutions are now worth nearly 1 billion dollars! This makes them one of the biggest companies in the cyber security world. They currently have 24 different products on the market and are not all security software related either, they range from PC tune-up packages to Driver updaters. Founded in 1991 by Jan Gritzbach, AVG therefore has 25 years worth of experience, giving them an advantage over a lot of competing companies. Their software is well tuned and gives good results, which is great news for such an important piece of software - but is the design attractive enough for the average user in today’s market?

  • Features - 3
  • Value for money - 2
  • Support - 2
  • Ease of use - 2
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AVG offers single device and multi-device options, seen as we are looking at value for money, we are going to concentrate on the multi-device package. The multi-device package called ‘AntiVirus Protection Pro’ is designed to support unlimited devices including android, mac and iOS devices, comes in at $59.99. You may think this is a bit pricey but the standard single device plan is priced at $39.99 per year per computer (doesn’t cover mac or android), so you’d only need to register 2 devices on the multi-device plan for you to start saving a fair bit of money. Of course you could stick to the free version, but the feature set of the Pro is much more advanced and quite frankly too good to miss out on, well this is our opinion anyway.

Product Reliability

Product Reliability

As mentioned earlier AVG has over 25 years of experience meaning you’d expect the product to be stable with a clean, easy to navigate interface. Bingo, that’s what you’ll get and not only is the design great the detection functions are very effective too! Some people will say that the software does take a lot of processing power, so if you’re running a very low spec PC then maybe this software isn’t for you.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Social media support is a must these days but some companies still refuse to keep up with the times. AVG aren’t one of these, they happily support their customers via Facebook and Twitter as well as offering live chat and of course phone support too. AVG also provide a support centre on their website, which isn’t usually someone’s first port of call when it comes to support, most people find speaking to someone is much more productive, however we love the support centre AVG have developed and honestly feel like you can sort most issues out without having to pick up the phone.

Product Features

Product Features

Whether you’re contemplating taking the plunge and getting the Pro package, or think the free version will suffice, then maybe we can explain the major differences or similarities. For a start, every package whether it’s free, antivirus or Antivirus pro all come with the same Antivirus functions and also include link protection (hyperlink scanning for websites and social media), but unfortunately this is where the similarities end. The feature set of Antivirus are much more advanced including features like password protection, online shield and free support. Pro then takes it to the next level, you get all of the above features but also an added bonus of Anti-spam, Shopping protection, Mac and Android support and priority updates. All of these features are soon to be an essential part of security software with the increase of malware attacks.

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Linda McKenzie - 1 week ago

My son recommended AVG to me over 10 years ago and I have never regretted it. I use AVG Zen on all my devices including my phones and I have been virus free on all of them. I use the Pro because it handles more protections and I don't have to worry. Updates are frequent and I get notifications when there is an issue with any device.

kglad - 1 month ago

Had AVG for a couple of years with no issues then subscribed to the 30 day free trail. When the trail ended I upgraded to AVG PRO with the $49.99 discount offer but soon found out that was not what I had paid for. Instead, what I received was their Cleaner Optimizer which you can get anywhere for free. I called AVG and they tried to tell me that is what what I had purchased-NOT! I immediately canceled, requested refund and will go somewhere else AVG used a BAIT & SWITCH1

Donald - 1 month ago

Let a god damn virus on my PC!! Refunded and transferred to PC PROTECT. Much better.

Andrew Jenkins - 1 month ago

The best, always has been and always will be.

Harlan H - 2 months ago

Been running AVG products for years; starting with AV and Tune Up five years ago, added HMA and Driver Updater in the last couple years. I have had superior performance from all of their products and if you follow instructions, it is fairly easy to setup.

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